The Beginning Chapter 1

imageI am getting married. This year. To a woman. Things are being set in motion, heads of steam are building, snowballs are rolling, rabbits are running. You get the picture. Sarah and I (or is it me and Sarah? I never know) met when we were old enough to know better, and fell in love anyway.
We were lucky enough to have things in common – kids, mortgages, and crucially, ex spouses. Without sounding like some David Brent middle manager in front of a flip chart, I will save the How the Where and the Why for later. What matters is that when we decided to name the day for the second time round, we wanted to erase our respective memories of our previous nuptials, which could best be described in no particular order as – bewildering, half baked and miserable. In other words the ceremonies where unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.
This time we were both determined that our forthcoming marriage would be the very best it could be. We are getting hitched in a swish boutique hotel in Liverpool city centre. We did a recce on potential venues but as soon as we walked through the doors of what ended up being our place we knew. It felt right. The right décor, the right size and the right feel. We wanted an early evening ceremony followed by drinks and a buffet (don’t let the dreaded B word put you off – there wont be a sweaty mushroom vol-au-vent in sight). Two speeches , one toast and then dancing interspersed with soulful crooning from an X factor hopeful whose dreams turned to dust in Simon’s rented LA mansion (or it might have been Sharon’s Miami pile, I can’t remember). The number one thing to us apart from the venue, is that we will have our friends around us when we exchange vows. The people who mean the most to us.


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