Chapter IX

We sat and began to talk. Well we didn’t talk, that’s a lie, we engaged in a bout of verbal subtext gymnastics that would have had Freud and R D Laing both scratching their heads.
“Hi Sarah, You’re early.”
(Translation –for an ice queen you’re a bit bloody keen love).
“I had to drop the kids off at his so I thought I might as well get over here.”
(Don’t get any ideas Charlie boy)
“I’ll let you get these Sarah”
(I’m not here to play games.)
“It’s ok, I’ve already got them in.”
(I am a modern sassy woman and I have no problem taking the lead…I think)
A pause to sip vinegar. And on we go…
(This is awkward)
(You asked me here love, so cut to the bloody chase.)
“Look Tom ,there’s no easy way to say this.”
(Actually, now that I am on my second, this is really quite easy)
“It’s ok I’m a big boy, I can handle it.”
(I’m a little boy, I can’t handle it)
“It’s like this. Brian had kids, they didn’t get on with Rob and Hannah. It caused big rows. My kids come first so I ended it. I don’t want to put my kids through it again. I’m sure your kids are lovely, but I can’t take that chance, so I think we should just leave it there.”
(Tom I think you’re lovely, talk me round?)
“I really don’t know what to think.”
(I really don’t know what to think)
Then it hit me. Of course!
“I have an easy answer to all of this Sarah. I am a great believer in being honest and truthful with women (shut up). So here is the best, most honourable solution. To all of this.
“What ?”
“Let’s have an affair and keep it secret”
“Who from ? We’re both single? Secret from who?”
“Who else? The kids.”


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