Chapter X

We were stood outside the bar, ready to go home. It was now time to play my ace card. The tickets had Ben burning a hole in my pocket all night. I said,
“So, I thought we could start our affair by going to see him.”
She looked at the ticket. You know that little facial tic people have when they look distinctly underwhelmed? A tic that they immediately try and hide so as not to cause offence. Well Sarah did that.
Bruce Springsteen?
Yes. Bruce Springsteen
Oh right, er…
At this point I was getting wound up. I’d just handed a her a that I had queued all night to secure and Sarah and a face on her like she’s just missed the last bus home.
“Look, if you don’t want to go there are plenty of people I know who –
Sarah threw her face into reverse
No! I mean no, I’d love to come really. I’d really like to come. I don’t really know any of his songs. Oh apart from that one, er what is it? Born to run in the USA?
“Born to run in the USA?
“Is it not called that?
“Have you seen him before?
“Erm… yes.
“Something clicked in Sarah, and her weirdo antenna started flashing, He eyes narrowed
“How many times?
You’ve been to see Bruce Springsteen 28 times?
“Yes, what of it?
“Why would anyone want to see someone 28 times? What’s so good about him?
“Because he writes about the big stuff, love, hate, death, injustice, what it means to be alive. What it means to die. His songs are lyrical, cinematic, heartfelt. He sings about ordinary lives in an extraordinary way that resonates deep inside here, inside your heart. He is serious passionate and committed, when you go see him you feel part of something very, very special.
This tour is different, its just him and his guitar. Forget all that x factor nonsense, if you want to see real stage presence an artist that makes you want to clap cheer shout if you want to experience a show that will move you to tears, if you want to stand with a whole bunch of strangers and feel as though everyone of them is your buddy –
“Tom why have you started talking like an American? You’re not American.
“Ok then, who do you like?
“Robbie Williams
“Really? And why do you like Robbie Williams?
“I dunno. Because…. he’s got a cheeky face?”
Like I say, the grease that turns the flywheel…..

It was time to say goodbye leave the Travis bar and go our separate ways. I didn’t want to leave and I don’t think she did either, but the impatient texts about being picked up and taken back home were flashing through at an ever greater pace.
Now I always think a parting kiss between two people whose relationship is in what John Motson would call, “The corridor of uncertainty” (for a full explanation, please refer to your various H2b’s is usually a variation of a playground game. But instead of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” it’s “Cheek, Mouth, Tongues”. Get it right and it’s heaven, get it wrong and its Cringe City, Ohio.
We stood to go and I kid you not, to anyone watching it looked like we were rehearsing the Tiger Feet dance..
Cue the video to 1.09 for our dance

Eventually, we agreed to a peck on the cheek.
And that was that. It was bye bye Merseyside, we were airborne……




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