Chapter XIX

It was pointless pretending. Sarah and I were now an item. We had gone beyond – to borrow a phrase popular with teenagers – “speaking” and progressed – to borrow a different phrase popular with my Auntie Joan’s generation – to “walking”, as in walking out together. She was on the arm, she was my squeeze. If the Mothers on the playground were happy to whisper snippets of half truths vis-s-vis our non relationship, now that the news was out they had one last chance to gossip about us before our coupling became old news. Like a may fly who only lives a day, out outing needed to be gobbled up and digested before sunset. I walked through the precinct and bumped into Nerys. A formidable woman with a bent nose an a fearsome reputation as a persistent and determined gossip.
Hi Tom? Well, I’ve heard the news. You and Sarah? Well I want to hear it from the horses mouth.”
“yes, we are an item.”
“Well I’m so pleased, I don’t listen to the gossips.
“So how long have you two been seeing each other then? I reckoned a good six months but others think longer.”
What gives people the right to stick their (in this case bent) noses into our business? I smiled and went to walk away. She blocked my path like the school bully.
“Are you moving in together, and have you looked into renting yours out?”
“No, and have you looked into plastic surgery?”
Sarah was unimpressed on the phone. “you said what? Well that’s made my school yard trips a whole lot easier, thanks for that.”
“Well she’s a nosey cow, I wont lose any sleep. By the way, are we moving in together? What are we doing?
“Tom lets just get the kids used to it first
But I hardly ever see you? They’ll just have to get used to it.” Typical bloke. I’ve noticed with men, when they decide what they want they just stumble forward without a care for the consequences.
“No. Wait we have to be sensitive.
So it would be another twelve months before we finally moved in together. But it wasn’t a happy event that caused us to co habit, it was a terrible tragedy.


2 thoughts on “Chapter XIX


    You’re gradually moving the chapters across, well done!

    Looking forward to new material……:)   Ruth x




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