My Wedding Day IV

imageThe boys were ready, the girls were ready. I wasn’t ready I was a bag of nerves
The guests began to be seated. Greg joined me, as did Evan and my Mum, Sarah’s mum ( who was very frail but determined not to miss anything ).
Everyone was sat in their places. I saw thumbs up, I saw smiling faces, I saw emotion on every one of the seventy people in front of me. The pre entrance music was

Let’s get married The Proclaimers
And I love you so Perry Como
Leah Bruce Springsteen
Step inside love Cilla Black Paul McCartney demo version
Falling in Love With You Presley
Over the rainbow Judy
When You Wish Upon A Star Pinocchio
When the music went through the loop and started again I was in a terrible state. I don’t know why, maybe it was the realisation that you can’t get these moments back if it all goes wrong.
I couldn’t sit down, I was a mess, a bag of nerves, a wreck. Bob, the chap charged with conducting the ceremony introduced himself. He went through the formalities and then glanced up a Natalia, the wedding planner standing to the rear of the room.
“Ladies and gentlemen, can you all stand to welcome the bride!”
This was it. The bridesmaids entered as the soaring orchestral mid section of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue filled the room.

imageThen, through the double doors, with her first-born son at her side, I saw her.
After all the trauma, the ups and downs, the drama of our story together, the moment I had dreamed of was here.
Sarah entered with her son walking her down the aisle.



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