My Wedding Day III

Time ticked by, the photographer did his best with shots of me and Greg, and upstairs snapping away with Sarah, but without Evan there was nothing left to take, and as a suit was pretty much sine qua non for a wedding picture, the photographer was a bit stuck.
The guy with the camera, was trying to calm me down. “We got plenty of time.”
“It’s nearly four o’clock, how much time do you think we’ve got left, really?”
“That’s plenty of time. Really, honestly, loads of time, if anything, too much time !”
You know when someone is saying something and their eyes are telling you lies? Well Ant was doing my best to calm me down. But he wasn’t doing a very good job. Not a good job at all. We went outside and took even more pictures of me and Greg.
Where the fuck was that suit?!

Meanwhile, up in the room the girls were calmly getting ready

Have you ever had a panic attack? I think the nearest I came to it was 4.15 pm. There was no time left. I couldn’t have my son in the wedding shots. Maybe Nick was stuck in traffic. I had to make a decision. We would just have to wing it. I had let Sarah down
….then, through the doors burst Nick, laughing his head off. I have never wanted to kiss a man more in my life…


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