Hi, my name is Tom Hughes.  I am from the North of England and this is the story of how Sarah and me (or is it Sarah and I?) met, fell in love, planned our wedding, got married, went on honeymoon, returned home and lived happily ever after.

Actually that means that this blog has finished before it started – the happy ending has already arrived!

No matter, I intend to soldier on and let you know what it is like from over here, at the other end of the rainbow.

So, why would you read my blog over all the other online posts in this crazy world we call the web? Well, very soon I shall have on this site glowing reviews from well known bloggers to whom I have paid good money to say I am brilliant – so watch this space!
After reading my blog please feel free to laugh, yawn, suck in your cheeks, tut, scowl, smile or wretch.
If you are an advertiser and are interested in working with me on an affiliate basis, please use the contact form. I want to work with brands that share my vision, ethos and of course, core values.*
*(Alternative core values available upon request).

Now that our Autumnal nuptials are receding into the distant past faster than the Andromeda Galaxy, I will continue to blog on our post wedding blues and the unfolding drama of our married lives as we stagger blindly into late middle age, then shuffle to our dotage until finally succumbing to the eternal oblivion of death.

(Incidentally, I am also available for hire as a motivational speaker).



22 thoughts on “About

  1. merlinjr01

    Thank you for following Renaissance Musings. I am not yet one of your well known bloggers, but I am having fun anyway and I hope you will explore my site. I know I am looking forward to perusing your postings.


  2. reeannalynn

    This sounds like such an inspiring story to be told. From what I’ve read so far you seem to be a very engaging writer. I look forward to reading about your love story. As beautiful and yet tragic as it sounds!



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